Tracie Zhang
Sr. Loan Consultant/
Branch Manager
Googain,Inc. NMLS#275975
39500 Stevenson Place #109
Fremont,CA 94539
Phone: 510-828-4988
Fax: 510-280-7982

Required Documentation
In order to expediate your loan as quickly as possible, I will need these documents from you.

Closing Costs
click here to find out who will pay for the closing costs.
Holding Title
click here to find out the various way of holding titles.
Who Pays What
click here to see who pays the closing cost in Northern California.
Your Credit Score
click here to find out how your credit score is generated.

Equal Housing Lender

Loan Process Procedure - how a loan is made


Contact a loan officer to discuss your individual financial situation.



Your loan officer will contact you to assess your situation and determine your financial goals. Expect to discuss the following information: estimated value of your home, your credit history, and your home's equity.



Based on the information collected and your credit report, your loan officer will quote you an interest rate and APR and the loan amount that you are likely to qualify for.



Your loan officer will request financial documents and set an appointment for an appraiser to meet you to assess the value of your home.



With your application now complete, your loan officer will notify you when your loan is approved. At this time an appointment will be made for signing the loan papers. You will receive your funds shortly after that.

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