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You Can Own Your Home
I'm here to help you to realize your dream of owning your own home. Call me and we can discuss your particular situation and to figure out how you can now own your home.

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     The Benefits Of Home Ownership

  1. Homeowners get advantages that renters can't touch.

  2. Not only do they benefit form equity gains but generally they can deduct a large part of their housing cost - property tax and mortgage interest - from federal taxes.

  3. A married couple in California who sell a home after living in it for two of the past five years get to keep the first $500,000 in profit tax-free. For a single owner, $250,000 is untaxed.

  4. Because of the 1978 voter-approved law known as Proposition 13, most longtime owners pay property taxes based on the assessed value of their homes at the time they puchase them. That assessed value increases a maximum of 2 percent per year.

  5. Some homeowners cite Proposition 13 as one of the reasons they cannot afford to move elsewhere in California. Buying another house means having to pay property taxes based on 2002 values.

  6. But here's another benefit for older homeowners: Those 55 or older who sell a home and then buy one of about the same or lesser value in the same county can keep the same Proposition 13 assessed values. Nine California counties, including Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Alameda, allow buyers 55 or older to bring their Proposition 13 assessed values with them from their former homes in other counties and retain the same low tax rate.

  7. The Proposition 13 benefit can be carried between generations. Under a 1986 initiative, the home remains taxed at the same rate when parents transfer the property to a child.
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